Fun Fact

When first developing her brand identity, being an individual of awe, wonder and discovery, Christine asked a combination of 10 people who: are close to her, just met her, 5 personal and 5 professional to describe her in 10 words.

With amazement, the results were the exact same. 


10 Words

" I am UNIQUE, CREATIVE and resourceful. Positive energy fuels me! My objectives are always to make a difference and my response to that success is a forceful, ENTHUSIASTIC energy. I am MOTIVATED and motivational. I have been called INSPIRATIONAL. My charisma is found through tapping into others, becoming quite OUTGOING. I like to explore options while creating structure at the same time. My strengths are in productivity and development as I am well ORGANIZED. My judgement and temperament provides trust. My life experiences has kept me GROUNDED and allows me to remain INSIGHTFUL.

My patience and understanding keeps me GENUINE.

Wanting to incorporate those 10 words, somehow into her branding, she held on to her notes until the time was right. ( Christine believes to collect ideas and trust when the right fit comes along to apply it.  Therefore, no idea ever gets rejected.)  After two whole years of evolving in her business, Christine had opened up a small cafe to provide "connection" into a daily routine in her community. As she was developing her menu, she identified and included her top 10 most appealing smoothies. With her entire menu already  having significant meaning, she figured now must be the time for those 10 words that best describe HER. And here they were! Right on her Bumble Fly Cafe Menu!

The cafe closed in 2014. Christine quickly learned her vision to CONNECT

and provide a sense of belonging, had a much broader calling!

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Children's Book Series: A very gifted lone star overcomes daily challenges and shares how to keep shining bright. *Don't let anyone dim your light!


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