This Activity Packet is one of the greatest tools from our campaign, #RESET!
Our BEST SELF ACTIVITY PACKET breaks down your past, present and future in a matter of minutes to help you creeate clear vision and goals. Following the easy steps takes does all the work for you, simply by asking questions, provoking insightful thought and calculating a road map that too often gets over complicated or overlooked. Spend about an hour with this activity and get on your way to arrive at your BEST SELF!

Download this VERY EASY, 21 page Activity Packet now, and we will guide you through understanding and setting your goals to best version of YOU !


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" MY BEST SELF" Activity Packet

  • MY BEST SELF Activity Packet Includes:

    • Understanding the Purpose of this activity
    • Step by step Directions
    • Meaningful & thought provoking Worksheets
    • A Guide to focused thoughts and clear vision
    • Mini-Vision Board Worksheets
    • Affirmation


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