Transcend! It's Time! Get out of your own way! Hit that Reset Button, then get on a clear path to your Best Self. I show you how in this Activity Book, following super simple steps, that otherwise, gets overly complicated and overlooked.

With #RESET, I first share my own story, how I overcame my adversities, turning my Struggles to Strength, and how I identified an easy process to reach EXACTLY what I wanted for myself, expected from myself, and what I expect from others. I arrived at MY BEST SELF.  Then the bulk of the book, is how I in turn, help you "write YOUR story", by sharing a BEST SELF ACTIVITY, that breaks it all down for you, so you can do the same!


  • It is unlawful to share this downloaded file other than for your personal reading. "#RESET" copyright -Christine DerOhannesian 2020


Here's MY motivational song.
Dance with me!

Christine DerOhannesian post: Let's Go!.

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