SHIFT your mindset; turn your negatives to positive, then SHARE your story; giving your experiences purpose.


My personal #RESET has always been to turn my Struggles to Strength. While I share a small glimpse of the adversities I have overcome, I'm more excited to explain the life lessons I learned along the way. 


Sharing my story to influence YOU, is what gives my experiences PURPOSE.


What will YOUR #RESET be?

To turn...

Your Struggles to Strength?

Battles to Blessings?

Being Wounded to becoming a Warrior?

Having an Attitude or living in Gratitude?

or perhaps seeking Purpose vs Popularity?


Find out by reading my "lesson's in life" manual: #RESET.

17 Pages


  • It is unlawful to share this downloaded file other than for your personal reading. "#RESET" copyright -Christine DerOhannesian 2020


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