Book Author, Christine DerOhannesian

Thank you for stopping by, and allowing me to introduce myself. 

They say I'm a creative author, with significant insight, extraordinary engagement and meaning. 
Whether you enjoy my publishing or have an opportunity to collaborate with me, I've been told it's bound to be a memorable experience. From simple memes and quoted T's, Children's Books to Full-Feature Film Novels, I try to capture the pure essence of life, while shedding light on it's valuable lessons.  

The foundation to all of my work is to provide a sense of belonging.  I feel when my audience is reading or hearing something they can relate to, and I can inspire others in a positive way, it gives my experiences PURPOSE.

My writing style is an easy read, with my attempt to remain genuine, uncomplicated, and rated "E" for EVERYONE!  To date, I self-published my work, understanding there may be plenty of mistakes. I believe to "not let perfection become procrastination".  With my desire to just get myself out there, and help make a difference in my own significant way, I humbly admit that I am perfectly imperfect. All things considered, I hope my sincerity helps my readers connect.

My work includes:


Your Reality Board, an activity book with an easy, step by step guide to understand exactly what you want vs. what you think you want, and tips to achieve your goals.

#RESET, a motivational book on how to shift your mindset from negatives to positives and the importance to share your story, to give your experiences purpose.




A hopeless romantic who's in love with life! I take you on a visual tour through my heart, sharing my personal collection of poetry and quotes, as experienced from a young teen to adulthood, with short stories of the meaning behind them.




Children's Storybook - Gift Set, providing tradition for non-traditional environments.


STAR BIZARREA very gifted lone star overcomes daily challenges of being different, and the struggles to find a sense of belonging. The journey shares encouraging tips of how to keep shining bright, and not let anything or anyone dim your light!


With my future works to include novels that were spoken to my spirit, for feature films someday, I feel there is no difference from my simple memes to movie scripts. I try to keep my passion and authenticity consistently threaded through all of my work, with the example and encouragement to follow your heart. I'm proud to say that readers, from young to old, find some level of connection to my words, which is my true measure of succes.


One Love,

Christine DerOhannesian




Rock Your Reset

I deliver excerpts from my book, #RESET, with the message to turn your negatives to positives. I show how easy it is to "flip the switch" and shift your mindset.

Great for multiple class or assembly presentations. Suitable for grades 6 - 12.

Your Reality Board

I explain this very simple guide to know exactly what you want to achieve in your life, making it more realistic to get there. I share how I discovered "The Process". 

Great for Psychology, Life Skills and Business Classes. Suitable for grades 6 - 12.

Santa's Magical Chimney

This "Meet The Author" event is a magical share of pursuing your dreams, as I explain how I created the book. The message I leave with my young audience is: Never give up!

Great for individual classes, as we share each student's dreams. Suitable for grades K - 5.


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