Struggles to Strength Expert

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I view my life as a symphony which is masterfully orchestrated by someone greater than me.
I simply remain an instrument.

For the chance to cultivate the life lessons I learned through my adversities, gives my experiences purpose.


One Love,

Christine DerOhannesian


AGES 12+

Your Reality Board by Christine DerOhannesian

Your Reality Board
When you're stuck with step #1:
What do I even really want?

An activity book with an easy, step by step guide to understand exactly what you want to be, to have and to do... so you can stop circling "VISION" in your mind, and start to create your REALITY.  

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#RESET by Christine DerOhannesian


A motivational book on how to shift your mindset from negatives to positives and the importance to share your story, to give your experiences purpose.

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A hopeless romantic who's in love with life! I take you on a visual tour through my heart, sharing my personal collection of poetry and quotes, as experienced from a young teen to adulthood, with short stories of the meaning behind them.

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The Strength Within by Christine DerOhannesian


A collection of quotes, short stories, bible verses, and song lyrics my parents shared with me, that nurtured my Roots & Wings. 



AGES 2 - 12

Santa's Magical Chimney 2nd Edition by Christine DerOhannesian


There might be a key, and there might be dust, but owning a real chimney, is simply a must!  Go ahead and hang up your stockings, Santa turns this magical chimney real for one special night. 

*Storybook and Fireplace Poster included

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AGES 2 - 12

Star Bizarre Book Series by Christine DerOhannesian.png


A very gifted lone star overcomes daily challenges of being different, and the struggles to find a sense of belonging.


The journey in each book shares encouraging tips of how to keep shining bright, and not let anything or anyone dim your light!

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" The Lone Star"

This very unique star tries to fit in with all of the other star groups.  Along the way, Star Bizarre finds by trying too hard is one of the things that may dim your light. Instead, she learns  to have confidence and simply just be her genuine self.

Star Bizarre, THE HAPPY BUBBLE by Christine DerOhannesian

"The Happy Bubble"

Star Bizarre is a big dreamer and always looks at the bright side of things.  Sometimes other stars don't understand how this can be.


Star Bizarre has to learn how to both protect, and share her happy bubble to help shed more light.

Star Bizarre, TIME TO SHINE by Christine DerOhannesian

"Time To Shine"

Star Bizarre finds out that the more you get comfortable to be yourself, the more you realize you have a specific gift and purpose.


Star Bizarre shares the simple ways to help you SHINE ON too, with little uplifting reminders.

Star Bizarre, AM I A SUNBEAM by Christine DerOhannesian

"Am I a Sunbeam?"

Star Bizarre is surprised that someone completely opposite can grow up the exact same way, believing in the same things, or have the same dreams; while we are all different, we are all still the same.

Star Bizarre quickly learns that besides bold stars, there are other types of quiet, steady LIGHT (like moonlight and sunlight) that can also shine very bright.


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Christine DerOhannesian at St.Johns

Children's Storybooks

Suitable for grades K - 5. Book reading with a quick share of HOW to write a book, and the important message to follow your dreams. Classroom settings.

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Life Lessons Playbooks

Suitable for grades 6 - 12. Emotional Learning, Psychology, Life Skills and ELA curriculum. Classroom or Assembly settings.