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Christine DerOhannesian

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Christine has penned her children's books, "Santa's Magical Chimney" and "Star Bizarre" based on her real life experiences. Her Life Lesson Playbooks fall under her "Struggles to Strength" campaign, and her films, "Mamma's Canzone", "Always In My Heart" and "St. Gregory, The Illuminator" are inspired by her Armenian-American father's heartwarming true stories of passion and perseverance. Christine is self-published. 

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AGES 2 - 12

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There might be a key, and there might be dust, but owning a real chimney, is simply a must!  Go ahead and hang up your stockings, Santa turns this magical chimney real for one special night. 

*Storybook and Fireplace Poster included


AGES 2 - 12

Star Bizarre by Christine DerOhannesian


A very gifted lone star overcomes daily challenges of being different, and the struggles to find a sense of belonging.


The journey in each book shares encouraging tips of how to keep shining bright, and not let anything or anyone dim your light!



AGES 12+

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Your Reality Board
When you're stuck with step #1:
What do I even really want?

An ACTIVITY book with an easy, step by step guide to understand exactly what you want to be, to have and to do... so you can stop circling "VISION" in your mind, and start to create your REALITY.  

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A motivational and easy, journal-style ACTIVITY book to help you sort through and organize your thoughts, find your support system and get out of your own way, so you can start to shift your mindset from negative to positive. We also explore the importance to share your story, to give your experiences purpose.

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A hopeless romantic who's in love with life! I take you on a visual tour through my heart, sharing my personal collection of poetry and quotes, as experienced from a young teen to adulthood, with short stories of the meaning behind them.

Your Strength Within by Christine DerOhannesian.jpeg


A collection of quotes, short stories, bible verses, and song lyrics my parents shared with me, that nurtured my Roots & Wings. 




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Film coming soon 2


The spirit of the 1941 movie "Mamma", staring Beniamino Gigli, remains the music of the heart for three generations. Song and passion threaded through the family, with only crushed dreams for the first two generations. Destiny shines through, as the old world dream comes alive with the brilliant voices of a grandson and granddaughter- great TENOR DUO.


What they don't know, is their Mamma's last breath has been reserved for the gut wrenching final score.
*In progress. Based on a true story. 




Mommy's Love Goes Past The Moon

Mommy's daily commands are the greatest expression of care and love.
The Love in Grandma's Garden

Slow and steady nurturing of the garden comes with parallel life lessons from Grandma. 

When Grandpa Says I Love You

While speaking seven languages, Grandpa has numerous endearing ways to say "I love you", without saying the actual three words. 
My Brother Truly Loves Me 

Sometimes hard to understand the lash out of anger or frustration, only to find out the means of older sibling fears and protectiveness.



Always In My Heart

A serendipitous love story that evolved over 30 years.
* Based on a true story.


St. Gregory The Illuminator

A story trailing the significance of The Arm of St. Gregory relic and the Armenian Rebel Group who preserved Christianity amongst their people by saving their High Priest from attempted assassin and taking back the stolen relic. *In progress. Based on a true story.


On The Scene

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