HI! I'm Christine, and I have overcome quite a few personal, extraordinary hurdles in my lifetime.

Throughout the years, I've become quite passionate to share how I turned my STRUGGLES TO STRENGTH.

I believe when we share our experiences to help influence others, it gives our hardships PURPOSE.

Out of my 47 year journey, the opportunity to inspire a positive mindset and cultivate #RESET has become one of my happiest and proudest accomplishments. 

We ALL go through many challenges, which can provide valuable life lessons.

Rather than allowing those moments or situations to consume you and define you, I'm challenging you to SHIFT your own mindset to TURN YOUR NEGATIVES TO POSITIVES!

#Reset Options.png

Whether it’s for a moment, day, month, year or lifetime, simply tell yourself that it's more than ok to HIT THAT RESET BUTTON! Go ahead and take that time that you need to pause, pray, or simply breathe, come back a little stronger and then ROCK YOUR RESET!

When you WEAR IT & SHARE IT, you are helping with POSITIVE CHANGE!

Wear it, Share it! Rock your Reset.png