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When I was first developing my brand, like everyone else, I was in search of what best describes ME and represents MY STORY. Being an individual of constant "discovery", I decided to ask a combination of 10 people who: are close to me, just met me, 5 personal and 5 professional to describe ME in 10 words.

With amazement, the results were the exact same!


" I am UNIQUE, CREATIVE and resourceful.
Positive energy fuels me!
My objectives are always to make a difference and my response to that success is a forceful, 
I am 
MOTIVATED and motivational.
I have been called 


My charisma is found through tapping into others,
becoming quite 
I like to explore options while creating structure at the same time. My strengths are in productivity and strategy as I am well ORGANIZED
My judgement and temperament provides trust.


My life experiences has kept me GROUNDED and
allows me to remain 

My patience and understanding keeps me GENUINE.

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