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The Power of Cultivating

Christine DerOhannesian

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For me, it's sharing my experience and donating my book, SANTA'S MAGICAL CHIMNEY to Military Families, Temporary Housing and Inner-City Schools. Some comparisons: watching someone say yes to an engagement, seeing your children accomplish something they worked hard for, bringing home a puppy and lighting up your family's world, - those wonderful, indescribable moments. I'm sure you all can relate, having experienced one or several of those surges of warmth that simply pierces your heart!

Over the years, given the chance to donate to hundreds of children, one after another, after another, with every single one showing incredible gratitude, awe, and hope, was a thousand reminders, in every second, of how blessed we are, and how much value there is in cultivating your own struggles or journey. It's called PURPOSE. And that feeling of sharing your purpose is truly a magical feeling.

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MY STORY within a Story

Over a decade ago, I struggled through an unexpected divorce and had to downsize to a tiny, 800 square foot apartment with my littles. In that compromised space, and during those dark moments, is when I wrote the book. As the book grew wings, I also went from renting one side of the duplex, to helping another single mom, the owner- fixing the other side to compensate some rent, to buying the duplex, living in one side, renting the other, to moving back into my previously larger home, renting both sides with good income, to renovating and selling the duplex with a significant profit and moving to another home and community with my kids. Whilst professionally, my reinvented career perfectly lead from Consulting, spearheading Real Estate transactions to Senior Leadership in the Multifamily industry.

Take a look at the short videos below.

That was all Pre-Covid.


Since then, while I also had to pause to take care of my mother with dementia, address personal and health challenges for myself and my kids, God's masterful plan has put me exactly where and why my own story started and the need to create Santa's Magical Chimney to begin with: working in Multifamily.

Over the past 10 years, brick by brick, the path to my PURPOSE was created and the chimney itself also evolved.

With introductions to major retailers, I was challenged to create a variety of price points of the book. I took advantage of Covid's lockdown to do so. Now offering the original, 1st Edition collectors gift set with hand illustration, and a separate 24x36 poster, and a 2nd Edition, hard or soft cover vector art with a tear out poster.


Timing is everything!

As my kids head off to college this year, the product and my world are ready to re-launch Santa's Magical Chimney. My mission is to get this book into the hands of every single family in apartment living, Military Housing, and in under-served communities, and experience that MAGICAL feeling over and over again!

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- Inner City Schools

- Military Family Services

- Children's Hospitals

- Community Organizations
- Temporary Housing

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