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I recently realized there is so much in my world that needs "fixing"... and with running out of patience with others, and so much around me, I decided it has to start with ME!

Everyone is always looking for an "easy fix"; here's my short cut:

1. Be smart, loving and genuine. Always.

2. Don't eat crap, or take it from others.

(This is a huge, yet the most simple statement. No sugar & no tolerance for BS, including excuses from yourself).

It's that simple!

Finally! Life figured out at 45!

This quote was taken from my actual experience. Having fun on a friend's boat the other day, young teens were taking selfies & numerous posed pics of eachother.

Teasing them, I jumped in and told the tween with the phone in hand, "You got ONE shot! Get it right!" Thinking to myself, life does not always allow the time to "retake or edit" ! Just try harder to get it right the first time.

I thought of my late father, who used to tell me, "with all of your efforts, just do things right!"

After seeing the results of this ONE picture captured of ME, it took a few days to sink in- why I even did it. What my intention was, and look at the result.

When we cultivate, we teach and learn at the same time. Here, my own lesson was, the past several months I have been making it a point to treat myself well, and have zero tolerance for those who mistreat me. After being over weight the past few years, there, staring straight back at me, was proof right in front of me: I was finally "getting it right"!

Can't help but to be proud of myself, knowing my long road to get HERE, at this discovery.

Let your biggest HERO and biggest CHEERLEADER be YOU. Others might let you down. Control what you can control. And in this life, it's only YOU.

You got ONE shot! Get it right!

Do things right!

- Christine DerOhannesian

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