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Struggles to Strength Expert Christine D
Book Author_ Christine DerOhannesian

Book Author, Christine DerOhannesian has been coined "The Struggles to Strength Expert" by her decades of overcoming adversities with a positive perspective and learning insightful life lessons along the way.


Some of Christine's struggles include:

Age 2-12: Grew up in a predominately white town in upstate NY, with immigrant, and multi-cultural parents, continuously searching to find her fit.

Age 12: Moved from her sleepy country town of NY to Los Angeles, and was jumped by a five-girl gang.

Age 18: Survived a near fatal auto accident, cracking open her skull and compressing 3 vertebrae in her neck.

Age 20: Was homeless, lived in two large warehouse rooms with no kitchen or bath.

Age 24: After getting back on her feet with a furnished apartment, had her moving truck stolen with her entire life possessions, during a promotion and relocation to Boston.

Age 29: Worked her way up the corporate ladder, was training for Vice President, 9 years and 5 promotions later, but lost her job to the effects of 9/11 and the elimination of her department.

Age 30: After being transferred with a new job in San Francisco, was hit by a car running a red light, causing multiple surgeries to her knees and the need to move back to NY for family support.

Age 34: Lost her best friend, her father, to a sudden death.

Age 37: Reinvented herself with two small children in tote, after an unexpected divorce.

Age 38: Invested her life savings in a local business that was hit by a Hurricane two days after her Grand Opening.

Age 39: Rebounded and evolved her business. After a few months of turning the corner, she broke her hand and wrist in 7 places during a Town Fundraiser and was forced to eventually close her business.

Age 41: Witnessed her mother start a series of mini-strokes, causing increased dementia and full time supervision.

Age 42: Had to downsize to a 900 sq.ft. apartment with her two children, forcing her to write her first published book: "Santa's Magical Chimney". ...and so the writing began.

" I have witnessed Christine's experiences since a young child. When she is faced with a crisis, there is a process that goes on in her head. She has a brief moment of disbelief or disappointment, and then she quickly thinks outside the box in an ingenious way to come up with a solution. Christine writes down her ideas, as crazy as some of them can be, then analyzes them, looking at all the pros and cons and then... SHE MOVES INTO ACTION WITH GREAT AMBITION!

She is strong, determined and her father's daughter. Christine is Alice in Wonderland, the Mona Lisa and above all, truly one of a kind!" - Christine's older sister of 8 years, Grace DerOhannesian.

"I view my life as a symphony, which is masterfully orchestrated by someone greater than me. I simply remain an instrument. The opportunity to connect with and inspire others to shift to a positive mindset, follow their dreams, never lose their passion, and to persevere, gives my experiences PURPOSE." - Christine DerOhannesian

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