Quotes that were spoken to me, during a time that I call my "Spiritual Awakening". (2012)

Why "Bumble-Fly"?

The name and logo of Bumble Fly was derived from my own self discovery and recognition (the Ah-Ha! moment) that it was OK to be BOTH: a free-spirited Butterfly AND a very diligent Bumble Bee. 
* Watch the video for my full story!

The Birth of Bumble-Fly.jpg


#RESET is all about that split second moment, to flip your switch to turn on your own light, and force your negatives into positives.  Our message is to SHIFT your mindset and SHARE your story, to help cultivate the positive and give your experiences purpose.

The Collection

Determine which #RESET truly resonates with you!  The apparel offers the following shift of mindsets: Struggles to Strength, Battles to Blessings, Wounded to Warrior, Attitude to Gratitude or Popularity to Purpose. 

I explain more of how your mindset is really a matter of "your OWN perspective", with my example of seeking purpose over popularity in my video!


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