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Meet The Author Events

Christine DerOhannesian at St.Johns

Children's Storybooks

Suitable for grades K - 5. Book reading with a quick share of HOW to write a book, and the important message to follow your dreams. Classroom settings.

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Life Lessons Playbooks

Suitable for grades 6 - 12. Emotional Learning, Psychology, Life Skills and ELA curriculum. Classroom or Assembly settings. 

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Letters of Reference

Now Offering Virtual and In Person Events.

Perfect for:

- Public & Private Schools

- Military Family Services

- Children's Hospitals

- Community Organization Events

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#RESET by Christine DerOhannesian


6th Grade - Adult

I deliver excerpts from my book #Reset, with the message of turning Negatives to Positive.  I show you how easy it is to "flip the switch", and shift your mindset. 

My campaign: "Rock Your Reset" is about proudly overcoming adversities and the importance to share the message, as influencing others is what gives your experiences purpose.

Great for SEL curriculum.  Multiple class or assembly presentations. 

All participants receive my e-book link, and can purchase autographed copies on site. 

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6th Grade - Adult

What perfect way to introduce a wide variety of writing and poetry styles than packed into ONE book?  In my collection of quotes, poetry and memes, PAGES, you will find haiku, free verse, ballade, sonnets, cross rhyme and much more. Besides the technical aspect of writing, I share my passion for expressing feelings, and sharing valuable life lessons.

Great for ELA Classes.

All participants receive my e-book link, and can purchase autographed copies on site. 

Your Reality Board by Christine DerOhannesian 2020 low rez_edited.jpg


6th Grade - Adult

I explain a very simple "PROCESS" I discovered to know exactly what you want to achieve in your life, making it more realistic to get there. I walk you through a super easy ACTIVITY, so you can do the same.

Great for Psychology, Life Skills and Business Classes. 

All participants receive my e-book link, and can purchase autographed copies on site. 

Santa's Magical Chimney by Christine DerOhannesian


K- 5th Grade

I read my book, Santa's Magical Chimney, followed by a short discussion of my journey, and lessons on passion and perseverance.



I leave my audience understanding why it's important to believe in yourself and to never give up.

*All books can be pre-ordered and signed prior to the event.

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