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Star Bizarre 1A. The Lone Star by Christ



I have penned several books, from my Self - Help Activity Book: #RESET, my personal collection of poetry and quotes: PAGES, and a Children's Storybook - Gift Set: SANTA'S MAGICAL CHIMNEY. I am currently launching another Children's Book Series called: STAR BIZARRE.


The foundation to all of my work is to provide a sense of belonging.  I feel when my audience can relate to my personal troubles or challenges, and I can inspire others in a positive way, it gives my experiences PURPOSE.

They say I'm a creative author, with significant insight, extraordinary engagement and meaning. Whether you enjoy my publishings or have an opportunity to collaborate with me, I've been told it's bound to be a memorable experience. From simple memes and quoted T's, Children's Books to Full-Feature Film Novels, I try to capture the pure essence of life, while shedding light on it's valuable lessons.  


My humor keeps me grounded and spirit affords global connection. Through my books & retail collections, I share how easy it is to shift to a Positive Mindset, and keep your soul shining bright. 


After being an Executive Manager in the corporate environment, owning my own businesses and playing my most recent role as a Business Strategy Consultant, I chose the commitment to write full time, since I found that's where my PASSION & PURPOSE collide. As I also mention in my books, sometimes things are just a matter of TIMING.


My writing style is purposefully an easy read, as it's my attempt to remain genuine, uncomplicated, and rated "E" for EVERYONE!  To date, I self-published my work, understanding there may be plenty of mistakes. I believe to "not let perfection become procrastination". With my desire to just get myself out there, I humbly admit that I am perfectly imperfect. I hope that each one of my readers feel the same, and find it liberating to JUST BE.


With my future works to include novels that were spoken to my spirit, with clear vision as feature films someday, I feel  there is no difference from my simple memes to movie scripts. I try to keep my passion and authenticity consistently threaded through all of my work, with the example and encouragement to follow your heart.

I'm proud to say that readers from young to old find some level of connection to my words, which is the exact success that makes my own heart smile .

One Love,

Christine DerOhannesian


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