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Whether you are seeking change in your health, fitness, emotional & mental wellness, relationships, work, hobbies, wealth, overall happiness... believe in God, Buddha, The Universe... our message is not to COMPETE with all of the various positive mindset messages, but to COMPLETE them.

#RESET is focused on that split second decision. To recognize you have the power to determine your life and lifestyle. Each moment and each day is a gift. #RESET is a reminder to flip the switch to always turn on the LIGHT, not go into, remain or encourage the dark. #RESET = Shift your mindset. 

And why "SHARE" it? Because promoting positive change, and influencing others, gives your experiences PURPOSE.


Our #RESET e-book 
helps remind you to 

Our #RESET apparel
helps you to



Our simple way to keep a Positive Mindset.
Shifting negative habits or views of your experiences into positive things you should do or tell yourself instead.


A Message from Bumble Fly Founder, Christine DerOhannesian. 
June 9, 2018.

Having overcome many unexpected traumatic situations, struggles for survival and even simply (but not so simple) suffering loss and broken heart, I have found that when we reach our darkest hour, it provides the platform for our BRIGHTEST of opportunities. 

Some call this experience going through "Death, Darkness, and "Rebirth".

When we come to terms with our Struggles, we have two choices, either to stay in the dark, like frozen, scared children, or take control, flip that switch in that split second, and turn on our own LIGHT.

Struggles and suicidal thoughts are a reality for many, at one point or another, and I have personally been in those dark moments several times in my lifetime. For almost each time I went through some sort of struggle, I wondered how much more can I possibly take? Some events stacked onto others, and I seemed helplessly vulnerable. Some events were severe and catastrophic enough on their own, where I thought, "This is it! This will break me!" 



In each of those moments, I was lucky enough to have extremely positive parents, whose constant message of "it can always be worse" and "this too shall pass" kept repeating in my head. Each time I started to feel weak and like a "victim", I would remind myself that attitude is a decision. Either I can allow the outside - whether it be people or situations- to define me, or I can determine exactly what I'm about and what I'm meant to be. The hardest part was always letting go of people's perception. I had to get both feet planted on the ground enough to realize "no one will ever know you 100%", they only know the story you tell them.


So each time I struggled the most, I made sure I looked my best. I took more time to project a different story than my own reality. Remember that old phrase "fake it until you make it"? Well, in each one of my struggling situations, I started to tell MYSELF a different story! I started to convince myself those moments of hardship were all the experiences I needed to reach GREATNESS. That for each situation, I was expanding my portfolio in the ability to connect with others. That, YES, everything DOES happen for a reason.


Even though you may not make sense of something at the time, if you have FAITH and TRUST in timing, the REASON will always prevail.



I believe the opportunity to cultivate my life lessons learned in each one of my hardships gives my struggles PURPOSE.



Proudly surviving my challenges, kicking suicidal thoughts to the curb (allowing them to become just fleeting thoughts and laughing at myself instead when I had them) gives me the confidence to pursue my latest collection: #RESET. Products that inspire you to reach positive thoughts and behavior by resetting a moment, a day, a situation, a relationship, your entire life!  Whatever it takes, just pause & RESET!

Turn your negatives to positives -it's all a mindset. 

There can never be light without dark, happy without sad, overcoming fear, without fear, strength without weakness...


Your struggles right now is only the path to your own greatness. The more you allow yourself to feel the depths of it all, you'll realize for any extreme low, there is an extreme high. You're actually BLESSED to be given the gift of what's about to come! Be patient, and trust timing.



My hope is that our #RESET Collection will influence at least ONE life, and give my own struggles and failures that "reason"... my PURPOSE.   


I'm greatly looking forward to creating and sharing more LIGHT with #RESET. Sometimes we all need a fresh start, and it starts internally, with what you tell yourself. No matter what you may think right now, or others think, you are fully entitled to press that RESET button as often as you need to! Go ahead, RESET! Each moment, and each day is new, and is a gift.  Enjoy the present.



With all my heart,


Eddie Chiaravalle
Dario Diaz
Katy White
Daunte Littles
Larry Kidd


To accidental and intentional overdose, and another tragic suicide.

They no longer have the chance to Hit The Reset Button, but YOU still do!

Amongst Us

I'm sad to think that too many of you can relate to these stories, but the reality is, we ALL know someone, in less than two degrees of separation, who has tragically lost a loved one to either overdose or suicide. Our hearts ache daily, not only in sadness for past situations, but for how much threat continuously lurks around our daily lives!  Some we openly know about, and some without a clue!  Especially with a social media facade, someone's true darkness- too often -comes as a surprise. We are learning a common thread that weaves through these souls, is the lack of SENSE OF BELONGING.

Because I have experienced my own struggles, search for connection and a sense of belonging, I have created #RESET, the reminder to SHIFT your thoughts from Negative to Positive.  In a split second of any moment or situation, what you tell yourself, how you respond to people or situations and actions you take can always favor a positive outcome.

A positive outlook will create a positive outcome.
OUT LOOK: Look out- for something better!
OUT COME: Come out with a different story!

Take that moment, day, week, month, or year and RESET your thoughts!

Hit the dang Reset Button, then don't be shy, proudly Rock Your Reset!


- Christine DerOhannesian

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