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Meet Me Halfway

Christine DerOhannesian 

They say every relationship takes compromise. I found this to be true with relationships of ALL kind: personal, children, siblings, friends, work...

There's a lot packed into "meeting someone halfway". 

Making an effort towards a goal, working on a project, in discussions, those are the obvious. What's not so obvious is when it comes to being who you are, your character, your personality, and every day existing. That's where judgement, resentment and opinions are formed, and the most dangerous, insecurities.

If in all we do, think, say, we start in our head with "I'll meet you halfway", then we are taking the time to pause and remind ourselves to be open. 

To be willing to teach and learn at the same time. To remind ourselves our own strengths are also our worst weakness, so is true for those around us. Finding that compromised space in the middle will guide you more towards keeping your strengths, well... STRENGTHS. 

What breaks us down and turns too many positives into negatives mostly can be avoided. People who mutually care about the same things, clash. Teams or co-workers who are working towards the same goals, go in circles vs being productive. Relationships that are highly compatible in the beginning turn sideways.

Why? At some point we all turn inwards and start to protect ourselves. Or need to prove our value. Or feel under appreciated or misunderstood. We spend too much time convincing or explaining and not enough time just BEING. 

Well, guess what? The person next to you or whom you are dealing with, also deserves to JUST BE.

Meet in the middle. 

You will both learn and grow. That job, friend or relationship may still not last forever, what is meant to be, will still be, but the time involved will at least be a nurturing experience, for yourself and others.

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