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Are you in it for the GLORY?

Christine DerOhannesian

I'm sure many of you have heard this quote before: "It's not the destination, it's the Journey". And not as popular, but still the very true: "Don't let perfection become procrastination".

Well I keep both of those quotes in mind when wanting to do something or be in a certain place in my life. Generally speaking, we always find it challenging to find the RIGHT TIME.

They say "The time is Now!" or "Let your tomorrow start with Today", and many other inspiring quotes that get us fired up. We have something in mind we want to pursue, either on the forefront or back of our minds, pumping in our hearts, flowing in our blood, passionate in our dreams...and for a split second or longer moment, we hear quotes like this, especially coming from success stories and we get pumped up.

Here's a question, how many of us find ourselves back in that same starting point over and over again? Start and stop. Wanting to, but don't? Inspired today, discouraged tomorrow? "Reality" kicks in, we feel stuck, or "Can't find the TIME"?

When I reflect on the most successful periods in my life, I found only ONE thing consistent, I used to pray daily for STRENGTH, PATIENCE AND WISDOM.

With maturity, I discovered:

> Strength not only means the ability or courage to DO something, but the judgment or humbleness NOT to.

> Patience is a fine line as well. When are we being patient vs lazy? Assertive vs aggressive? Again, the key may be judgement.

>Wisdom is deceiving. We can convince ourselves and others of just about anything. We can justify why something is good or bad, right or wrong. Some have this talent or use it more than others, but we ALL have it. What is wisdom exactly? It's understood to come with experience, having a history of failures to understand success, have made many mistakes to finally get it right. Do we have to be old to have wisdom? Or, can we learn at an early age, to simply have good judgement?

Everything I mentioned is all debatable.

Here's one common element: TIME.

What are we doing NOW? How are we shaping TOMORROW? What we know in our YOUTH. Our understanding when we're OLD. Even patience itself is TIME. Do we give it a little more or less TIME.

What is TIME? And how do we use it for us or against us?

There is this delicate place between SPACE and SECURITY. And I discovered that place in itself is called TIME.

We often sway between space and security.

We want to give ourselves or others SPACE, where you allow yourself or someone -whether it be a friend, lover, employee, boss, or even a child- the room to discover something on their or our own. Space to be independent. Space to move, breathe, feel alive or figure it out.

However, at the same time, we all want SECURITY. We're seeking assurance that every thing will work out just fine. That our loved ones will be there for us. We never get too old to sometimes need a hug, to be held, or for someone to say "I got you!"...and of course the security to know IT WILL BE OK.

Take the risk! Just do it! Take the plunge! Make the jump! You can't move forward standing still!

All great.

But what's the RIGHT thing to do? When is it ever the right TIME?

When do you start to be careless? Harmful? Irresponsible? Or worse, selfish? Risk losing or getting hurt?

Judgement and time go hand in hand.

But how do we figure it all out?

I think it all boils down to INTENTION & INTEGRITY.

In thought and challenge over all of this, I found myself thinking back to "it's not the destination, it's the journey", " don't let perfection become procrastination" and then had to stop myself. They seemed like cliches without any true direction. So I questioned myself with "what is my intention?".

My INTENTION is to be along side of those I love. To make a difference in their lives and many others. To not preach my knowledge, but teach my lessons. To help discover purpose, placement, character, value and meaning. My INTENTION is to help others find their best selves, and within that success, I find mine.

Yes, life is a journey. Yes, you should seize the day. Yes! Carpe Diem!

But when you think of your INTENTION, apply strength, patience and wisdom, you land at INTEGRITY.

Maybe step one can simply be to ask yourself, what is my intention? We all want to live our lives to the fullest. But what does that mean to YOU?

How do we arrive at success? How do we be content?

The best advice I can always circle back to, is Just BE!

For ME, I'm not in it for the GLORY, I'm in it for the STORY.

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