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Make "Trying Times" Easier, Not Harder.

I have family and friends whom are either far left or far right on Political views and beliefs about the virus. I always say: " Control what you can control." In expecting EITHER a "True Epidemic" OR a "Community Panic" that was heading our way, I stocked up on all food, household & medical supplies weeks ago. Regardless to what some believe the "true situation" really is, as for me, I AM PREPARED. My kids & I are in Self Quarantine since school has been canceled last week. In concern for either being contagious - not yet knowing if even WE have the virus, or contamination- to contract it out in the public, I thought it's better to play it safe. I FEEL I AM BEING SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE to my Community, State & Country.

Until the State or Federal Government enforces further restrictions, this has all been my choice.

I am taking the time to purge our lives, re-focus our goals and spend quality time with my children. There is absolutely no harm done in keeping to ourselves at this time. I am not in fear of any finances, because I'm a girl who always makes due with what I have, as I am resourceful & a hustler. I am willing to always start with nothing, and will also always make magic happen. I came to terms long time ago, that who I am and what I have, will always be a product of my own efforts. I believe situations like this force us to think creatively. I remind myself and my kids: someone out there has it much BETTER than me, and someone has it much WORSE. I try to keep my expectations of myself according to my own likings and goals, not to compare to or impress others.

... "Control what you can Control." I control my thoughts, my beliefs, my dreams, my goals. I control my actions, my accomplishments and my failures. I hold myself accountable only for ME, and don't pay much attention to anyone attempting to hold me accountable for THEIR decisions. I don't judge, nor think much of other's opinions about me.

I have NO desire to "Control You", nor am I in any position to judge you.

We each have a reason why we believe in what we do. We have upbringing, past experiences, possibly more direct insight, etc. ...many factors go into one's thoughts and general perspective. No one can EVER walk in mine or your shoes and NEVER understand you 100%. I stopped trying to truly "GET" others, or have anyone try to "GET" me. I learned to simply SHIFT my energies to those who allow me to just BE, and ADJUSTED my expectations of others.

Please do not judge one another, or try to force your beliefs and opinions on anyone. Everyone has a story, take the time to LISTEN. You'll learn the reasons WHY people strum at their own beat, and then just let them BE. The music of each person's heart is theirs to own. Please, please...sing freely and loudly with your own song, but remain respectful and silent for someone else's!

The best thing you can be doing in these TRYING TIMES, is to keep a POSITIVE MINDSET and remain a POSITIVE INFLUENCE to your children or anyone else around you that is watching and possibly mirroring you.

Everyone has their own interpretations and stresses, and don't need anymore fear, guilt or shame added to it. As one of my very good friends always says, "Be a Fountain, Not a Drain!"

As Ellen says: BE KIND. TO ALL.

And as I say through my #reset campaign: Hit the dang Reset Button!

> Shift your mindset from Negative, to Positive! It only takes a split second to make a different decision or handle things a different way, and have a different outcome.

As for us, (my children and I), I have realized how easily disconnected we have become from what's truly important to ME; for myself, and for my children, and that is FIVE things: heritage, family, culture, nature and spirituality. My emphasis in raising my children in general, has always been based on character and integrity. Character and integrity is built on the foundation of the above Fab-5!

My personal SHIFT OF POSITIVE ENERGIES, are goals I put together for my own family. I thought it was a good idea to take advantage of this "Staying In Place" time, for reflection and exploration of our BEST SELVES. I am happy to share them with you. (as seen in pic).

Please focus on what's important to you- in your own household, to give yourself enough strength, and as a "give back", help take care of the most fragile and vulnerable within your community. Don't waste so much energy for anything in between. You are valuable, and no matter WHAT Political views or beliefs your family or neighbors have, THEY are valuable too!

Stop the judgement. Stop trying to force your opinions on others. Stop the insults! Stop trying to control others! Control what you can control & make these trying times easier for yourself and others, not harder! It's hard enough!


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