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The Happy Bubble

My children's book series, "Star Bizarre" is on the rise! I'm having so much fun with this one! They are stories based on MY life, and quite frankly, such a great way to laugh at myself! I LOVE it!

The Happy Bubble is my personal favorite.

My older sister always used to tease me (my whole life), for living in my own "Chrissy Bubble".

I worked retail for almost 20 years, including 12 years in corporate, with 8 promotions, working my way up to National Director of Visual Merchandising. I owned several local small businesses, was President of a NY town Chamber of Commerce, and for 5 years, I used to run an Annual Community Connection and Business Expo with almost 200 vendors.

I am a single mom, now of two teens, who each play 2 sports. I am teaching my son how to drive, my daughter how to navigate through girl drama, and both of them the constant message to be genuine, have respect, live a life of integrity, and presence.

I currently live in the community where when I worked in NYC, in my late 20's, I used to drive through & say "when I grow up, I want to live there. "

I've written 6 Children's books, with 3 more immediately on deck, 3 Life Lesson's Playbooks, with 3 more on deck, am almost finished with my first Featured Film story, including original song lyrics for the accompanying soundtrack, with another Film - story on deck.

I have lived in almost every major city, moved 31 times in my 48 years, been to 43 of 50 states, traveled 13 countries, ate foods & listened to music from all 7 continents.

Amidst many struggles, with no financial security or backing, in God's timing, I have done every single thing I ever said I was going to do.

For a short period, I stepped outside of my "Chrissy Bubble" to try to fit a perfect mold, as Wife, Mother, Business Owner... but there, my soul was broken and spirit crushed. I recently went back into my bubble, to finish manifesting my mindset and turn the rest of my visions into reality.

I am more than delighted to be building my team GLOBALLY with collaboration in China, Bangladesh, Croatia, Italy, and Columbia, gathering more global work-soulmates along the way.

After peaking my head out of my bubble, only to discover how cruel the world can be, I am beyond thrilled to be BACK in my "Chrissy Bubble", loving, laughing, and creating.

My heart is dancing.


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