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Somebody Once Said...

" To reach greatness, it's not only the effort to improve, but the openness to evolve".

The current global pandemic and winds of change in the United States are definitely challenging Business Owners and Professionals to think creatively, with a new road map to success. As the world turns, how we go about doing things - many things, must also evolve.

Somebody also once said...

" To acquire greatness, you must first do great things and then teach about it, not preach about it and expect great things to come from it."

Ok, so that SOMEBODY is me!

I'm sure like most of you, I have also been taught to always "lead by example".

One must be an expert on the very same area they consult in. For me, that is helping to map out a clear path to your "Best Self", personally and professionally.

I may have seemed a little quiet the past few months, but I did not "disappear". I was taking advantage of these trying times to piece my own life together, positioning myself and my two teenagers for our own "BEST SELVES".

With quarantine time and challenges in every aspect of routines and relationships, I have forced self-discipline, and at times, warded off outside noise, to stay focused on the END GAME, while I re-strategized my PLAY BOOK.

I had to inform all the players of their key roles, while explaining just enough for their buy in. I had to meditate daily, to whisper the winning spirit into my own thoughts and belief, then cheer on my team along the way. I had to recreate my culture, with focus on the fundamentals, firmness on the foundation, and flexibility on the foresight. I had to ask myself and others very tough questions, while staying vulnerable to the answers. I had to "slow down, to hurry up" as I was once taught in my younger, eager years, to do. I had to divide and conquer as I usually do, but this time with less resources, instead with my approach to a long list of TO DO's. I had to break it all down, to rebuild it all up. And piece by piece, one strategic step at a time, I am proud to say that I have arrived.

My Personal Evolution...

We are actually thankful for the PAUSE this Pandemic created. We never fully stopped during that time. Instead, we rebuilt our vehicles, brought them up to speed, enhanced their performance and redirected our road map.

My children and I have very clear 3-5 year goals, are buckled up, and are ready to continue our journey. During this time of reflection and direction, we even RELOCATED, recognizing there was a more direct and pleasurable route to get to where we want to go.

Our "tough questions and vulnerable answers" helped us pinpoint what matters to us the most. With that, we created Vision Boards and for the first time, my children were truly dissecting life, their wants, their dreams, their goals, and understanding exactly what it takes to get there. The conversations and process I experienced with them, inspired me to create our BEST SELF ACTIVITY PACKET, so others can reach the same clarity.

(Because of it's importance right now, we are offering the download for just $1.99!)

Since a child, and still true today, I was always told "You're too much Chrissy!". Others projected and I perceived this was a bad thing. I have struggled a little with this challenge, always reminding myself to tone things down, or stay reserved. In all honesty, when I do, I die inside. My fire becomes dim, and I feel I'm being smothered.

Frustrated and seeking direction, I asked my mother a genuine question recently: "Mom, when am I ever going to NOT be 'Too Much'"? Her direct, sincere, and immediate reply was: "When you realize you're not too much for the WORLD!".

My "slow down to hurry up" was because I was previously so eager to launch my #RESET Apparel Collection, with true excitement in hopes to connect and make a difference in someone's life, that I took the quickest route to just get it out there. Because of the rush, we were only shipping within the U.S. To become zeroed in on WHO MY AUDIENCE IS, and capitalize on their attention during challenging times, I was forced to spend more time engaging with my following. I realized most of my consistent connection is abroad. I have specific countries that fit my dynamics and they have been loyal for several years! I did my homework, shifted my priorities and I now ship WORLDWIDE.

These are a few examples of how we fine tuned our own ROAD MAP and evolved. Now we have created the time and clarity we were lacking to finish work and home-related projects, focus on our personal growth and well being, rekindle and stay true to our genuine selves, and arrive at our full happiness.

I hope each one of you are finding small ways to hit the RESET button and are accomplishing the same.

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And as we reach around the world with a daily reminder:




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