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Together...all things are possible


With our expansion, we have proudly started to partner with additional Community Leaders, whom each might have their own cause or mission, but also share our cultivating philosphy. These amazing individuals believe in awareness, collaboration, opportunity and growth. They are equaly invested in giving back to help create thriving communities now and in the future. 


With our Ambassador Program, the Community Connection & Business Expo seeks advocates who are looking to expand their areas of interest. We "career match" them to a category found under the complete Expo umbrella and mentor them to create an "Expo within Expo", while we also tap into their invaluable experience and expertise.  They are responsible for spreading the word, recruiting Vendors and Sponsors and to achieve participation and growth in their particular field of interest.


This program offers another win-win-win, as each of these Ambassadors are in the process of developing their own events or Expos and our CC&B Expo partnership is for obtaining experience, building alliances and additional strength for their own exploring wings. Their recruitment of Vendors and Sponsors signed on to the Expo is shared with the fund raising cause or organization they represent.


They support our mission and we support theirs. Simply put, they help us, we help them and we are all giving back along the process.  THAT is exactly what the CC&B Expo experience is all about.   Please help to welcome and thank these Ambassadors, as they will be identified at our events and feel free to message us if you are interested in the program.

Rick Walls
Expo Ambassador:
Seniors Services

Rick is currently the Director of the Woodbury Senior Center.


 His mission is to expand resources and programs to residents of the Woodbury area. He also would like to partner with neighboring towns for as much community -sharing as possible, knowing each town has their own budgets and limited resources.


Rick also feels that most seniors are either unaware of what is available to them, or simply feel they would be of a "burden" to take advantage of services their towns provide.


Rick is trying to better partner with all local residents in this awareness and need by hosting more events, providing more family-oriented fun and tapping into the care-givers of the senior community (friends, family and local volunteers).  He would like to empower those who like to help and encourage further outreach for involvement.


Rick has become a "regular" networking pro out and about in community events, local Chambers of Commerce and various Business meet ups. He has seen the value of collecting mutually engaging support, not only for his full time job and interest in the seniors, but also for his other community events.


He hosts an annual "Marines vs Firefighters Cook Off" during the summer, a collaborative outdoor barBQ that boasts over 200 people raising money for Marine families, and a Holiday Dinner for men of service at Stewart Airport, providing Home Cookin' collected and served by volunteers.  He spearheads a "Stuffed Stockings" program for men of service during Christmas, with his genuinely caring heart.

Sandra Salguero
Expo Ambassador:
Latinos in Business

Sandra is a Board Member for Latinos In Business of the Hudson Valley.

Sandra Salguero is a seasoned, high energy professional with deep experience in the mortgage loan industry in the Hudson Valley region.  At Superior Mortgage she is responsible for loan origination, consulting with first time home buyers, and a lead in marketing and communications. 


Prior to joining Superior Mortgage, Sandra worked for M&T Bank.  As a Loan Officer for the reginal bank, Sandra was a member of the President’s Club for closing over $23 million dollars in loans in a single year. Sandra was also a member of the Diversity Inclusion program whose goal was to improve relations with and understand the needs of the growing Latino community.


Besides being an integral part of the Superior Mortgage team and full time mother of two, Sandra is a member of two Chambers of Commerce in the state of New York: Orange County and recently joined the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce.  She is also a co-founder of the up-start Latinos In Business Succeeding Together networking group as well as a member of the Monroe chapter of Business Networking International (BNI). 


Sandra’s outreach to the community is unparalleled at Superior Mortgage and her vast diversity makes her an invaluable team member.

Christopher Holshek
Expo Ambassador: 
Veteran's Services

Christopher's mission is to promote citizenship, national and community service and global engagement in America.


Colonel (ret.) Christopher Holshek is an international peace & and security consultant whose main project in 2016 is a National Service Ride to promote citizenship and service in America, based on his book, Travels with Harley – Journeys in Search of Personal and National Identity.


He is a retired U.S. Army Civil Affairs officer with over three decades of civil-military experience at multiple levels and settings across the full range of operations, among them command of the first Civil Affairs battalion sent to Iraq in support of Army, Marine and British forces, as well as the Senior U.S. Military Observer and Chief of Civil-Military Coordination for the UN Mission in Liberia and the European Command’s Military Representative at the U.S. Agency for International Development. In addition to numerous contributions to U.S. Army, Joint, NATO, and UN civil-military and peace and stability operations policy and doctrine, he has published extensively on national strategy, civil-military, and peace and stability operations issues.


A rare American with UN field mission service in civilian and military capacities, he co-wrote the Peace Operations Training Institute’s course on civil-military coordination in peace operations as well as contributes to many other civil-military training and education initiatives internationally. He is a Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Honorary Co-Chair of the Peace & Security Committee of the United Nations Association of  the National Capital Area, a U.S. Global Leadership Coalition “Veteran for Smart Power,” and a Director in the Civil Affairs Association. Col. (ret.) Holshek writes extensively on peace & security, strategy, civil-military, and peace operations issues, and his articles have appeared in Foreign Policy and The Huffington Post, among other publications worldwide.


Christopher's book, Travels with Harley, and his organized event: National Service Ride is about citizenship and service, freedom and responsibility, and finding what it means to be an American in today's world.



You can read more about him, his book and his ride project at his website:

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