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  • Provide Latino professionals, minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to increase their business and create both personal and career growth opportunities

  • Create life-long professional relationships

  • Become a resource for individuals looking to expand their network and reach the Latino Community in the Hudson Valley

  • Give back to the community

Trained professionals in a teaching environment with a curriculum that is the talk of the baseball & softball world.

We are proud of and thankful for...


these organizations that believe is us, share our cultivating philosophy and passion for Community. Their leadership allows us to have mutual respect and call them an Expo FRIEND.

Works daily to integrate the arts into the many aspects of Orange County life, support the county’s many creative resources, and enrich the quality of life for all Orange County residents. The Arts Council collaborates with many organizations throughout the county to make sure the arts are recognized as a necessary part of our lives as individuals and our collective life as a community.

All of the programs and services of the Council focus on CREATING a fertile and supportive environment for the arts in Orange County, CONNECTING the arts community with other leading industries and INSPIRING the public to actively participate in the arts.



  • Balance and effectively execute econimoc growth and increased tourism while respecting days past in revitalization and preservation of the Town and Village of Woodbury

  • Host a wide variety of influential and impactful events  for improved Chamber presence and profitability for local businesses

  • Provide community collaboration and support



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