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Meet the Team


Susan White

Christine was part of a Tri-Chamber of Commerce Expo committee, acting as an Event Coordinator.  In her efforts to create a well attended event with a wide variety of offerings to the public, she reached well beyond just businesses.  She extended the same opportunity for the local awareness to every aspect of "Community".  Along her planning, she also discovered a disconnect to the local school district and engagement opportunities for the students.


In her desire to build the bridge between current business owners and community leaders to the next generation, she branched off independantly to create a total Community Connection and Business Expo. Her mission is to create vital communities now and promote interest to maintain the same success for the future. Christine's process of collaborating with the students, and in some school districts, to apply her program to class curriculum, has created a cultivating opportunity to expand to various school districts.

School Curriculum Development

Susan White is a Business Teacher in Orange County, NY. With her attendance of a Community Connection and Business Expo, she recognized the opportunity to present the same experience to her own students and school district.  She reached out to Christine and has worked diligently to help Christine expand to additional regions.


Susan and Christine have strategically broken down all aspects of running the Expo into assignments of various Business and Marketing classes.  Susan acts as Christine's own bridge to the students and assists to meet state educational standards. 

...and what drives them?

Vital Communities & Happy People!

Christine DerOhannesian
Local Celebrity signing.George Offenhauser
Celebrity signing.WrestlingHall of FameJoe Haskett
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